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Cleaning Supplies


Established in the heart of Limerick with over 16 years of experience, De Barra Hygiene Supplies is a leading supplier of wholesale cleaning supplies suitable for all industries. From industrial disinfectants to high-quality hand sanitisers, paper products, sanitisation products, and more, De Barra Hygiene Supplies offers an extensive selection of cleaning supplies to keep your company looking and feeling clean, hygienic, and safe. With easy ordering from our online store, we provide wholesale cleaning products and bulk wholesale products with quick delivery across all of Ireland. Whether you’re looking for chemicals to disinfect your space or simply need paper towels and kitchenware to keep your area looking clean and tidy, we can help.


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Offering an Extensive Range of Cleaning & Hygiene Products:

Limerick Cleaning Supplies

Limerick Cleaning Equipment

Limerick Industrial Rolls

Limerick Hand Towel Systems

Limerick Kitchenware

Limerick Compostable Products

Limerick Cleaning Products

Limerick Hand Sanitisers

Limerick Catering Supplies

Limerick Paper Products

Limerick Glassware

And More


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