Compostable Products 

For our customers who want to be as eco-friendly as possible, we offer a wide range of compostable and recyclable products and catering supplies.

Our Limerick compostables product range includes everything from cups, plates, and utensils, to napkins, table covers, and takeaway bags. Some items are compostable meaning that they biodegrade in nature while other items are 100% recyclable and should not be thrown out with regular waste and rubbish.


Bulk orders and contracts are available on all of our Limerick compostable products. We deliver throughout Limerick, Tipperary, and Clare. The below products are only a small sample of the items we have in stock. To see the full range of eco-friendly and compostable products available get in touch with our team for a product catalogue.

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Compostable Cups & Plates

Compostable Cutlery & Utensils

Compostable Table Covers & Napkins

Compostable Takeaway Bags & Containers

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Compostable Products – FAQs

  • What is the difference between a recyclable item and a compostable item?

    A recyclable item can be broken down into its raw materials and made into new products after it has been used. Compostable products biodegrade and naturally break down into a nutrient rich humus that can be used for soil and plants.

  • Which option is better for the environment?

    Both compostable and recyclable products are great for the environment. Certain items have to be made recyclable over compostable purely so they can be fit for their purpose. If you choose to use eco-friendly catering supplies then some will inevitably be recyclable while others are compostable.

  • What brands do you stock?

    At De Barra Hygiene Supplies we stock the most reputable and quality brands and manufacturers. If you would like to enquire about a particular brand then please speak to member of our team directly.