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Every business needs appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment to effectively clean their premises. A clean environment is vital for the health and safety of all, including employers, visitors, customers etc.

De Barra Hygiene Supplies supplies an extensive selection of Limerick cleaning supplies suitable for companies in all industries. At De Barra Hygiene Supplies you will find everything you need for keeping your school university, kitchen, or hotel spotless. Our product range includes colour coded systems, waste bins, cleaning chemicals, soap dispensers, dustpans and brushes, hygienic gloves, ashtrays, and refuse sacks. We also provide Limerick hand sanitisers suitbale for use in companies in all industries.


Bulk orders and contracts available. We deliver throughout Limerick, Tipperary, and Clare. The below products are only a small sample of the items we have in stock. To see the full range of cleaning supplies available get in touch with our team for a product catalogue

For More Information, Product Descriptions & Pricing Details on our Hygiene Supplies & Limerick Hand Sanitisers, Contact De Barra Hygiene Supplies Directly

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De Barra Hygiene Supplies has over 9000 Hygiene and Catering Products in Stock Contact our Team for a Free Product Catalogue

Cleaning Supplies – FAQs

  • What is a colour coded cleaning system?

    A colour coded cleaning system helps to prevent cross contamination by ensuring that equipment is only used in one area in order to avoid the transfer of germs and improve hygiene. For example; yellow sponges, scrubbing brushes and gloves are only used in the kitchen, red used in the toilet, green in public areas, and blue in the bar.

  • Can I order multiples of the same item?

    Absolutely you can place a bulk order for any cleaning product or item. Bulk ordering is cheaper than only ordering one product. Speak to our team directly for pricing details.

  • I don’t see the cleaning product I’m looking for?

    The above cleaning products and supplies are only a small example of what we have in stock. If you have a particular item or brand in mind then please contact us and ask about availability.